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What is CORA?

CORA, Collective Research in Anthropology, is a collaborative graduate anthropology journal that questions what counts as research and how knowledge can emerge from experimentation with form, interested in alternative ways of knowing that blur the boundaries between art and research. While taking on the traditional, peer-reviewed expectations of a journal, CORA encourages critical thinking about what a contemporary academic journal should look like. We are a platform for interventions, creative engagement, and local critique. CORA is a space for authors, students, and Faculty to publish experimental and more traditional academic work, creatively engaging in collaborative learning.

CORA seeks to incorporate different forms of knowledge: through art, poetry, photography, visual media, and forms of writing work, from empirical research to book reviews and ethnographies. Grounded in anthropology, the journal expands its scope to the broader social sciences and is open to reflections beyond fixed disciplinary boundaries. We aim to engage with different forms of expression that build knowledge to break down attitudes reinforcing epistemic coloniality. 

The CORA Team

CORA is a journal founded and run by McGill graduate students in the department of anthropology.

Past editors

Daisy Couture, Princeton
Harry Danon, McGill
Sophie Ji, McGill
Jane Calderbank, McGill
Danika Brockman, McGill
Aaron Connors, McGill
Mati Chameroy, ULaval

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